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Bat out of Hell

Bat in flight with the Moon in the Capital of Australia. This photo was taken one afternoon when the Bats are normally resting but to get the Moon and Bat in the same shot, I had to wake them up!

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Jose S - 2017-08-20 08:21:08

I love this shot Maria!

gosia kuszewski - 2017-08-20 09:32:27

Amazing shot, love it, Great candidate for the 1st price.

Nora Adams - 2017-08-20 10:15:04

This photograph is stunning it should win price.

Nora Adams - 2017-08-20 10:15:06

This photograph is stunning it should win price.

Rui Paiva - 2017-08-20 10:28:55


Fernando Lopes - 2017-08-20 10:52:06


JK Haase - 2017-08-20 23:30:43


Maria Pereira - 2017-08-22 07:19:48

Thank you to all of you, appreciate it! :-)

Ann Yan - 2017-08-26 05:45:03

A moment with time stopped!

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Submitted by Maria